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サウンドオブジェ T-1 Sounds Object T-1

2004/02/01 | Installation


title // サウンドオブジェ T-1 Sounds Object T-1]
date // 2004
place // Yokohama Japan
size // h: 3m w: 10m d: 4m
material // スピーカー、ステンレス製螺旋管、足場用鉄パイプ、アルミパイプ、鏡、ヤシの葉,他
speaker, stenles frexible tube,scaff steel pipe, aluminium pipe, mirrar,parm tree branch and more
making time // 1day


This installation is at a speaker and sound exhibition.
I put 30 sound speakers into this object and inside a metal tube.
And sound efect from my mouth come from it. it looks and sounds like approuching creature.

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