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ねじれ正4面体 Twisted Regular Tetrahedron

2009/08/01 | Installation


title // ねじれ正4面体 - Twisted Regular Tetrahedron
date // 2009
place // Osaka Japan
size // h: 6m w: 5m d: 5m
material //足場用鉄パイプ、竹、ヤシの葉、廃材各種、
scaff steel pipe, bamboo , parm tree reaf , and some more scraps
making time // 1day

collaborate with DECO MIWA.
This object is based on a regular tetrahedron structure . Tetrahedron is a solid and static object,
and I thought how I can twist and flex or transform the tetrahedrons to bling it to life?
I put steel pipe as spiral shell fish. and put leafs to connect into nature.

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