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皆既日食のための塔の構造 Structure For Total Eclipse Tower

2009/12/01 | Installation


title // 皆既日食のための塔の構造 - Structure For Total Eclipse
date // 2009
place // Amami island Japan
size // h: 12m w: 6m d: 6m
material //足場用鉄パイプ、イントレ、 scaff steel pipe,scafolding tower
making time // 4days

私達R type Lチームは<奄美皆既日食音楽祭>の会場にモニュメントタワーを建てました。

My crew R type L made this structure at < Total Eclipse Music and Art Festival > on Amami island 2009.
This is just the structure, we decorated on top of it.
The scafolding structure is very unique and Irregular construction, but is strong and flexible.
I made a top hexagon shaped piece for this structure.

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