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未来仏陀像 Future BUDDA

2011/08/01 | Stage


title // 未来仏陀像 - Future BUDDA
date // 2011
place // Chiba Japan
size // h: 6m w: 4m d: 4m
material // ソーラーパネル、アルミトラス、竹、楽器、各種スクラップ素材 solar panel,aruminium tras,bamboo,instrument, and more scraps
making time // 2days


My crew R type Lmade this monument at < Summer Sonic >, a big music festival.
The electlical power come from solar panels. It is independent object.
We can make this installation any place without electrical power from nucler plant.
I want this structure to have a tire or legs to move.

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