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2014/02/01 | Stage


title // MONSTER
date // 2013
place // Chiba Japan
material //足場用鉄パイプ、ヤシの葉、照明カバー、ハンガー、各種スクラップ素材
steel poles, parm tree leaves, lighting equipment, hunger, and some more scrap metals and labish
making time // 3day

千葉幕張で毎年夏行われる大型音楽イベントSUMMER SONICのSILENT DISCOエリアのステージ。

This stage for Silent Disco of Summer Sonic which is one of big summer music festival at Chiba makuhari.
People who come and enjoy music by headphone at this stage. so here is silent.
We tried to make stage which has physical feeling and visual impression strongly.
. Then we made big monster ,a booth is in the mouth of a huge monster and lighting, a smoke, etc. were directed effectively.
A monster eats the waste substance of modern society avariciously, and becomes bigger and bigger.
The further growth is expected.

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