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傘球と水車 Umbrella ball and Watermill

2014/02/04 | Installation


title // 傘球と水車 Umbrella and Water mill
date // 2013
place // Yamanashi Japan
material //足場用鉄パイプ、ビニル傘、バイクのウィール、照明の傘、水ポンプ
steel poles, umbrella,motor bike wheel, lighting equipment,water pump
making time // 1day

廃棄されたビニル傘を集め、つなげて多面体様になったものをその周囲に配置し、飛び散る水しぶき と、回転の機械的な摩擦音がリズミカルに涼しげに池の周囲を面白く演出しました。。

This installation made sunny day in japanese rain season.
It is easy to collect lots of garbage umbrella on the street.then we connect each other and made polyhedron.
I used motor bike wheel for water mill installation. it is tough and works well.
Electric water pump get water up. Metal equipment from streetlight get water ,and spin and splash
Mechanical noise sounds and rhythmical splash sounds became like a techno music , and it makes hot summer outside event much cooler.

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